Live webinar (paid)

Welcome to this webinar!

 To start the seminar click this button   Link to live webinar

 Insert the name that you want people in the webinar to call you by

 Type in the unique password for this webinar: meaning (all small font, not bold)

 If a green button appears click on ‘sign in’ and wait for the presenter to start
 During the webinar you can:

  Ask a question by typing a message to the presenter

 Ask to speak (like raising your hand in the classroom)

 Write a message that everyone can see (like passing a note in the classroom)

Open files if the presenter shares that with you

 Answer a survey or test if the presenter sends that you (like filling in a paper test)

 After the webinar, you will automatically be logged out. If that does not happen, close the screen yourself.

 The webinar will be saved in the webinar archive which you can access with any paid membership.


Problem solving

The button with the link does not work

-Use this link instead:

-If you are using the link via your phone or IPad but it does not work, try opening the link via a computer or laptop.

I have inserted my name and the password, but there is an error message or nothing happens

You may have inserted the wrong password. Type it in again. Make sure that CAPS LOCK is off. The password is all in small letters. You can choose any name you’d like.

The link has opened and I see a welcome message but I cannot see the live video.
This is most likely because the presenter has not started the presentation yet. Have some patience! Click on ‘sign in’ and you can already start chatting with others in the webinar room.

The link has opened but I cannot see a window with a welcome message or a white screen (where the presenter will present). Or I see an error code on the screen.
-It could be that your browser does not support this webinar. Try to open the link in another browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Chromium.

-This may also be caused by a problem with Flash (the technology that your computer needs to show this webinar). Download and update the latest Flash Player on your computer or phone.
Update flashplayer

I can see the video from the presenter but I cannot hear sound.
Check whether the presenter is live and has audio on (if you cannot see the presenter, the webinar does also not have any sound). Check whether the sound is on in the window: click on the sound speaker icon at the top right in the video window to increase the volume. Check the volume of your computer or phone.

I have tried all the options above, but it still does not work.
-Scroll to the end of the web page; there is an embedded video which should work (although you will not be able to send a message, ask to speak or ask a question, but the video and sound should work).
-If you cannot see an embedded video at the end of this web page, check the User Guides at the website from the company that technologically support the webinar: MyOwnConference.

Can I get my money back if the webinar does not work?

You can get access to a next webinar if it is our fault that you cannot attend the webinar. However, if other individuals are able to get into the webinar, either via the website or below embedded in this page, then it is not our fault but there is a problem with your computer or your browser.

Live webinar
You cannot write messages, ask a question or ask to speak (you need to open the link mentioned at the beginning of this page)

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