Fifty meaningful pictures & questions

Self help training ‘Fifty pictures of living a meaningful life: art, cartoons, reflections & exercises’
Want to learn what meaning in life is about? Want to know what is meaningful for you? Want to understand how to continue living a meaningful life despite life’s challenges? Follow this training!
You can find here an interactive self-help training, with the help of 50 pictures, brief explanations and questions for each picture. Each picture describes one core finding on scientific research on meaning in life. This easy training is based on systematic scientific research and shows the latest insights on meaning in life. More than 700 individuals have already engaged with this self-help training.

Learning objectives:
1. Understand what meaning in life is and what it is not
2. Learn 50 key scientific facts about living a meaningful life
3. Reflect on meaning in your own life
4. Understand the difference between meaning in life and other psychological or religious experiences and quack theories

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Examples training Fifty pictures of living a meaningful life

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