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Every individual is unique. Every individual has specific needs and wishes in specific situations. Therefore, Meaning Online offers different types of memberships and single services.

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Some single services are already included in memberships, or a membership gives a significant discount.
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Membership types
Free basic membership Free membership with basic functionality
Client membership Membership with information and courses about self-development £10 pcm
Practitioner membership Professional practitioner courses, sell online sessions £20 pcm
Researcher & training membership Professional practitioner and researcher courses, research tools £25pcm
Institutional membership Own institutional page, sell sessions and courses £100pcm
Individual services Individually priced services

Unwaged individuals, full-time students or individuals living and working in low-income countries may be eligible for a discount, at the discretion of the Director. Please send any type of proof (e.g. copy of a dated student ID, benefit or pension confirmation, passport) to the Director of Meaning Online, No rights can be derived from sending any proof.

Terms and conditions
Meaning Online believes that mutual trust can be stimulated by transparency and clarity over the ways how people collaborate and relate to each other. Therefore, we have created a document with terms and conditions. Please make sure that you have read this document and asked any questions before buying. By buying a membership or service, you confirm that you agree with these terms and conditions.
Terms & conditions

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