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Call for conference contribution

Abstract call

You are warmly invited to contribute to the conference via a pre-organised presentation or session related to the theme of the conference. Creative and interactive formats are particularly welcome. Please send your abstract to imec2019@yahoo.com before 15 January 2019. The scientific committee will assess all abstracts and will inform you as soon as possible whether you will be invited to present. If you want to propose a symposium, send an overall abstract for the symposium and its chair, and send a specific abstract for each individual contribution to the symposium.

Please include the following in your abstract:

  1. Name(s) and title(s) of yourself and of possible other presenters
  2. Affiliation of yourself and possible other presenters
  3. Title of the presentation
  4. Relationship to the theme of the conference (max 100 words)
  5. Content of presentation (max 250 words)
  6. Format of presentation: e.g. standard presentation about a piece of research, theory, or practice (15 mins) / short presentation as Pecha Kucha (5 mins) / symposium (45 mins) / debate (15-45 mins) / workshop during conference (45-90 mins) / pre-conference workshop (3-5 hours) / live demonstration / interactive session / creative contribution in the social program (e.g. art, music, poems, story telling, other) / other (please describe)
  7. Requested duration (in minutes)
  8. Eligibility for IMEC Student Award (would you like to be eligible for the Student Presentation Award?)
  9. The strand that your presentation fits best (one or multiple options): Existential therapy, coaching & counselling; meaning and positive psychology; empirical experiential qualitative research; political and social theory; the practice of social justice and activism; creative connections
Location & other practicalitites
Pricing & registering
Scientific committee & partners
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