Face2Face session

Here you will find a directory of meaning-centered practitioners who can offer a Face2Face session online. These practitioners have been trained in helping individuals to live a meaningful and satisfying life, even in moments of transition, crisis or challange. Alternatively you will be able to select a date and time and we will allocate you automatically the first available practitioner.To see the option login or join for free:

  • Information. Here you can read how practitioners could help you live a meaningful and satisfying life, even in periods of transition and challenge in life.

  • Directory of practitioners. Here you can find profiles of practitioners who can offer Face2Face support via this Meaning Online website.

  • Calendar. Would you like to book directly an online Face2Face session? Check our calendar when practitioners are available and book a session.

  • Self-development training with email support. Discover how you can live a meaningful life, via explanation videos and texts, exercises, mindfulness and writing exercises, with feedback from an expert.

How could arrange a session with a practitioner? Very easy.
step 1. search profiles for a matching practitioner
step 2. speak with the practitioner via the Meaning Online Messenger (MOM) (these messages can be forwarded to any email box)
step 3. if you feel that there is a match, agree on a date and time for the session either via messenger or via the online calendar
step 4. on the agreed date and time, go to the profile page of this practitioner, click on ‘session’, pay online for the session, and get access to the online video room for a meaningful session
step 5. within four weeks after the session, the practitioner will get paid for the session

Instead of steps 1 and 2, you could also search in the online calendar and click a relevant date and time with a specific practitioner; the practitioner will receive an email which they can confirm or reject.

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