Creative community

We seem to live an age of rapid changes and one crisis following the other crisis. We face financial, societal, and ecological crises which challenge how we live our lives. Meanwhile people seem to live more and more in their own silos, disconnected from each other. However, more than ever do we need each other! We need inspiration, creativity and community to create a meaningful world. Because everyone deserves a meaningful life.

Therefore, Meaning Online offers a platform to meet, share and connect. You can create a personal profile and watch the profiles of other people, and message them via the internal messaging service. You can contribute to discussion forums. And you can share examples of how we can build a meaningful society. Finally you can share pieces of art, poetry, proza and music to inspire other people.

Before you can participate in the creative community, you will need to get a free basic membership. All participants in the creative community agree with the terms and conditions of the website.  


Make your own profile
See profiles of others
Messaging other community participants
Read and write on discussion forums
Share and read examples of a meaningful society
Share and experience meaningful art
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