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Everyone should be able to live a meaningful life. Wherever they live. Whoever they are. Therefore, everyone should be able to connect with professionals who could help them live a more meaningful life. Meaning-oriented professionals should also be able to offer their expertise to anyone who would like to receive meaning-oriented support. Any professionals should be able to receive training and debate with each other, to become more skilled and experienced in helping others to live a more meaningful life. Any commercial business, Non-Governmental Organisation or political activist group should be able to help employees and society to live a more meaningful life. However not everyone has the ability or resources to live the most meaningful life possible, or to help others in the most meaningful ways.

Therefore, Meaning Online shares resources and connects experts with each other and with clients to help them live a more meaningful life or support each other better in living a more meaningful life. Meaning Online will do this via offering counselling, training, consultancy and research on meaning in life. Any service providers and any clients can meet each other via this website. Experts can offer their meaning-centered service and clients can select a matching counsellor or consultant, and receive the most meaningful support via the website; this can include therapy via video, internet therapy or face to face sessions. Meaning Online will offer training for individuals to understand better how individuals experience meaning in life and how they can be supported in living a more meaningful life. This will consist of frequent live lectures, workshops and debates via live streaming on the website, via face to face conferences, and via brief educational videos on the website. Each two years, Meaning Online will organise a multi-day International Meaning Conference in London with workshops and plenary presentations and debates, of which the first one was held in 2017. Each year, Meaning Online will organise a one-day congress. Consultancy includes connecting experts on creating meaningful organisations with companies, NGO’s and political groups who want to make a transformation towards a more meaningful organisation and societal change. Meaning Online also offers a platform for sharing expertise on meaning in life and meaning-centered services, by offering resources for research, publications and guidelines, and offering research supervision/mentoring.

Meaning Online is as broad and inclusive as possible (pluralistic) and focus on practices which are evidence-based (evidence can be clinical, or with quantitative or qualitative research). To make Meaning Online financially sustainable, a small financial compensation will be requested for services. However, the aim of the Meaning Online is to help the largest number of individuals to live a more meaningful life, and therefore the fees are kept as low as possible. Because everyone deserves to live a meaningful life!


Meaning Online is registered as a limited company with number 11099635 at the British Companies House. The Director of Meaning Online is Dr Joel Vos, psychologist and philosopher: https://www.joelvos.com Contact him via psychvos@yahoo.com

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